Disney Collectors Tag

This is my first tag post thought up and written by me. Please feel free to use it in your blog posts and videos and tag your friends. Your answers can be as long or short as you like.

1) What are you currently collecting? 

I collect the occasional Tsum Tsum (when I say occasional, I mean I don’t buy them everytime I see them). My collection has slowed down a little at the moment. I also collect pins.

2) Is there anything that you have previously collected but stopped?

Not that I can think of but I did have a bit of a Disney sock fettish about 15 years ago, does that count?

3) Is there anything that you are thinking about collecting?

I have recently taken a liking to Vinylmations. I never used to like them but they have grown on me and as a fan of designer art toys I think they’d be a welcomed addition to my collections.

4) Do you have a special place/places where you keep your collections?

No. My bedroom is a miss-match of randomness, I have things dotted all over the place including on my bed. I should really organise my collections though.

5) What are your favourite shops for buying Disney merchandise?

Obviously the Disney Store but I think Clinton Cards are upping their game on the Disney merch front so I always have a nose in there now. I also like Primark for clothing and accessories.

6) Is there anything you would like to collect but can’t?

I’d like to collect mugs but I have no room for them. Every time I see a nice mug I want to buy it especially if it has a Beauty and the Beast or Alice in Wonderland design.

7) What is your favourite piece/pieces of Disney memorabilia?

Definitely my Lumierre and Cogsworth from Disneyland Paris.

8) Does your partner/loved ones approve of your collections?

I’m living with my parents at the moment and I think they are more aware of how much I am spending more than anything else. They are getting used to my obsession though and they like some of the merchandise I bring home.

9) Is there anything that you have really wanted to get your hands on?

I have always wanted a Chip mug from WDW but hopefully I can get one next year if my WDW trip goes ahead.

10) What are your ultimate collectors goals?

I would like to build up an impressive collection of pins. So far I have 19 single pins and one set of 6.


Disneyland Paris January Sales Haul

I had never been to DLP during the January sales before so I had high hopes for it, especially as I had heard that they were bringing in a lot of new merchandise this year due to the five year turnover and 25th anniversary. I went armed with extra money so I could go crazy. Myself and my friend Louise arrived the day after the sales started so we managed to avoid the rush. I didn’t fancy having to fight people for items, that’s just not how I roll.

Unfortunately due to my high expectations I was a little disappointed with the sales. Some shops had small stands of sales items and a few had none at all. There were a few things that I had hoped would be in the sales but weren’t but I was paricularly pleased with the clothing items which I hadn’t initially thought about buying but did. I also understand that arriving a day later meant that we had missed out on a few things. I had my eye on the mini figure Yoda Stitch but couldn’t find him when we were there.

It was a good thing that there wasn’t as much as I had thought 1. Because I would just buy a ton of things that I didn’t need 2. I wouldn’t have been able to get it all home. The things that I did find were a real bargain and all in all I was very happy with what I picked up.

Grey Pirates of the Caribbean ride t-shirt had 70% off (originally €21.99). Reduced to €6.59 (I payed €5.27 with my AP). The hoodie was also 70% off (originally €44.99). Reduced to €13.49 (I payed €10.79). These are really comfy items, the hoodie is very cosy.

Pink Cheshire cat sweater 70% off (originally €49.99). Reduced to €14.99 (I payed €11.99). Grey Beast sweater 70% off (originally €49.99). Reduced to €14.99 (I payed €11.99). I love anything Beauty and the Beast and I’m also a fan of Alice in Wonderland so I was so happy when I saw these.

Non clothing items I bought were a park exclusive Minnie Mouse at €5, Cleo at €3, Mickey head necklace at €2, matching bracelet also €2 and a small 2016 tray at €1 (all before AP discount). 

Keep an eye out for my January trip reports.