DLP Trip Report – October 2016, Day 4

After having a much needed decent nights sleep I was feeling so much better. I couldn’t believe that I had spent my last night feeling so sick, I was more concerned that poor Leanne had to put up with me like that. These things happen I suppose and I wanted to make up for it on our final morning. Breakfast was just what I needed after not being able to eat much the night before. I had hash browns, beans, omlet, mushrooms and a croissant washed down with a glass of orange juice.

After we had finished breakfast we went to have a look at the mini farm that the hotel has on the premises. Being trained in animal management myself I often worry about the conditions in which animals are kept but I could see that they were well cared for with clean, spacious enclosures and plenty of food. There were rabbits, Guinea pigs, a donkey, goats, a Shetland Pony, Alpacas and sheep.

Once we’d said goodbye to the animals (yes, I talk to any kind of animal as if they are human including fish) we had to collect our suitcases and make our way to the park on the shuttle-bus. We had planned to take some last minute photos of the Halloween decorations. We were able to see all the little details that we hadn’t noticed previously as we took our time. They really do go all out for the Halloween season adding ghostly sound effects to accompany the ghouls that were distributed down Main Street.

We queued for Stitch about half an hour in advance of him arriving, there were only a few people in front of us so we weren’t waiting too long once it got started at 10am. Stitch was a real pleasure to watch, his mischievous ways had me laughing at everyone’s meet with him. In fact after that meet I had discovered a new found love for Stitch. We moved directly on to Marie who we waited quite a while for. This didn’t bother us in the slightest as we hadn’t had anything planned for afterwards. Both Stitch and Marie were new meets for me. I love meeting new characters. Marie was just adorable.

We went for a wander through Adventure Land where we discovered King Louie was meeting and the queue was almost non-existant. We grabbed our oportunity as I had never met him before. I was chuffed that in a short space of time I had managed to meet three new characters. The big kid in me was squealing inside with excitement. Oh the little things!

There were only two things left to do. One was lunch and the other was shopping. We stopped off at Market House Deli for food. I hadn’t eaten there before but a couple of days previous I had popped in to get a takeaway hot chocolate and noticed that they did a lovely looking Brioche so I was dying to go back and try it. I also picked up a cute Halloween cupcake which caught my eye while I was queuing to pay. Unfortunately the queue/service was quite slow so by the time I had paid, my Brioche was practically cold. However I still enjoyed it but I think it would have been nicer hot. Some last minute shopping was had before heading to the station to catch the Eurostar. I think I managed to buy a few pins which I normally do on every trip.

This was yet another memorable trip. Halloween season has got to be my favourite so far despite not experiencing Spring properly yet (which I have heard all sorts of good things about).