Positive Disnotes Challenge

We all know that many Disney movies are full of inspirational messages don’t we? That’s what makes them such a huge success. If we’re feeling down, we put on our favourite Disney movie to help lift us up. It’s an amazing thing. It’s a gift that Disney are blessed with.

My newly discovered outlook on life made me realise just how much general negativity I was harbouring in my mind. Yes, I’d watch a Disney movie and it would make me all happy, then I’d go right back to moaning about why it’s been raining so much or how my job keeps messing up my pay each month.

These niggling negative thoughts were bringing my vibe down. I needed to maintain a steady flow, as fluctuating from positive and negative was making me emotional and angry. My aim for this year was to become a more positive person and so far it’s working a treat. I’m loving life right now so I decided to share my positivity to brighten up the lives of strangers.

I created ‘Positive Disnotes’. I wrote out 10 inspirational Disney quotes onto 10 Post-it notes and left them to be found in 10 public places during 1 week. On the back of each one I wrote ‘spreading a little Disney magic’. It became a little game; I had to use my imagination and do it without getting caught and looking like a crazy person.

I left them on the back of bus seats, train seats, inside a restaurant menu, in public toilets, in changing rooms and inside a gym locker. I did it all in the hope it would make people smile and lift their spirits. I may not be able to make the whole world happy but I can at least make the tiniest portion of it happy, myself included.

I have lots more Post-it notes left so I shall definitely be doing it again. You can join me in spreading a little Disney magic yourself… anywhere you like. Don’t forget to take photos and with the hashtag positivedisnotes post it to twitter.


I’m Back

Firstly I would like to apologise for the absence of my blog posts that I promised you at the beginning of last year. It was all looking so positive at that point but then… bam! The truth is that my mental health took a nose dive and I was all over the place. I’m being honest with you now because I know a lot of you also experience similar things and understand how hard it can be to concentrate on anything when you aren’t in the right head space.

At the moment I seem to be in a really good place and I hope it remains that way. I realise that I now have a huge gap in my blogging and I hope to improve that. So I’m hearby declaring that I’M BACK and I’m going to try and set some realistic goals as my life has changed a lot recently and finding the time to blog is going to be challenging but it’s something I want to do.

Due to everything that happened last year I also announced that I was stepping down from my Disneybound UK admin role. This will stay the same as I just won’t have the time to commit to it with such a busy personal schedule; but I wish Jess and the girls all the best with their future endeavours, I’ve had a real blast being part of the team.

Unfortunately I have no plans to visit Disneyland Paris this year. I was lucky enough to visit during Halloween season again last year and had a great time. However I don’t feel like I’m going to miss out as I know so many of you will continue to document your trips. So I’ll look forward to seeing lots more photos and videos in the coming months.

Here’s to 2018…

DLP Trip Over-View, Christmas 2016 Part 2

Sunday 27th November – We didn’t get to the park as early but we were in time for rope drop at Frontierland where our first port of call was a visit to Sandy Claws. We had a good old chat about how much I preferred Halloween to Christmas. Once we had moved on we came across Jafar in his usual spot so decided to get some photos with him. He must have got out of the wrong side of the bed because he was a lot more touchy than usual, he certainly didn’t like me stroking Iago, the big baby. That was such a great character interaction though, I loved it.

Apart from Sandy Claws and Jafar, the only other meet we had planned was Ariel at the Princess Pavillion. We grabbed a waffle and hot chocolate at the Windmill which I instantly regretted afterwards when I felt sick… but it was just so good. We watched ‘A Royal Invitation’ multiple times to try to get some good photos of the royal couples as they came off-stage.

As we were walking towards Phantom Manor we met Grace and Sophie again so it would have been rude not to pop in for a group ride. We were able to have a proper chat this time which was lovely and when we came out we bumped into Manuel so took the opportunity to have some group photos taken. Manuel is one of the nicest cast members that you can meet, and I’m sure everyone that I know that has met him would say the same.

Louise and I said goodbye to Jess and Rachel later that day and went for dinner at Plaza Gardens. It was a gratefully received recommendation from Deandre. I really enjoyed the food there and fortunately they were able to fit us in a little bit earlier. It wasn’t very busy either so all in all it was a pleasant experience.

Monday 28th November – We went into central Paris to visit some popular landmarks and get all cultured. Notre Dame Cathedral was amazing (and obviously Disney themed so we had to do it). The Louvre was interesting and we couldn’t believe how small the painting of the Mona Lisa was. We got back to DLP around 4pm where we met Leanne and her mum Sue. The first ride we decided to go on was Pirates of the Caribbean to get our traditional funny pose photo, unfortunately we didn’t get as far as the photo drop. The ride had broken down just before the first drop. Initially I began to panic until they turned all the lights on. I’d always wondered how they would get us off of the ride if they couldn’t get it started again (we’d had a few close calls before) and we were about to find out.

Cast members appeared and tried their best to explain in French and English what they were going to do. One guy got into the water in his waterproofs to push the boats back to the nearest exit and they raised the metal grate beside us so we could step out onto it and into the backstage area which wasn’t very glamorous. From the time we got on the ride to the time we were successfully evacuated it took nearly an hour. When we got out the back there was a fire rescue van sitting there. We found the whole event rather exciting.

Tuesday 29th November – We had a packed day planned and we spent the majority of it in the studio park. I don’t think I’ve ever spent a good amount of time there before. We started off with the studio tram tour which I hadn’t done in a couple of years. Some parts of it I thought could do with a serious update, starting with the cringy video footage they show on the tram which they’ve had since the 90’s. We went to see Stitch Live for the first time and laughed so much. It’s so cleverly done and its brilliant entertainment for both adults and children.

We queued for Moana, the second time meeting her this trip. It was someone different playing her and we had even better interactions this time around. I love the fact that not every character experience is the same. After moana’s meet we went (for the second time) to pay mice royalty Mickey and Minnie a visit then found Pluto.

Mickey and the Magician was next on the agenda and it was even better than when I first saw it. Probably because when I first saw it I was suffering from sleep deprivation and I had just had my head bashed about on Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster. By the time we had done everything we wanted to do it was time for dinner at Bistro Chez Remy (booked in advance). I was very impressed with both the service and the food there. I don’t think I could actually fault it. The vegetarian dish was tasty and we were given a free fruit drink when we showed our annual passes. The theming was amazing too. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone but I would suggest you book in advance as it’s very popular.

Season’s Greetings

After many hours spent Christmas shopping, card writing, wrapping presents and waiting in queues at the post office things are finally starting to quieten down and I can now wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Hit me with everything you’ve got Christmas because I’m ready. My tree is finally decorated and presents have been placed underneath. Arrangements for Christmas day are sorted so all I have to do now is work my final work week of the year.

I am looking forward to a week long break to spend time with my family and to chill out, watch films, eat a ton of chocolate, blog and catch up on everyone’s vlogs that I haven’t had time to watch lately. So far it doesn’t look like I’ll be leaving the house that much between Christmas and the new year.

I have a few blog posts planned before 2017 hits us. I especially want to get my Christmas DLP trip overview out of the way before I start planning anything else. I have also got a few ideas up my sleeve that I want to share with you eventually so stay tuned for that but in the mean time I hope that wherever you are or however you celebrate, you have an amazing time because you are all fabulous.

DLP Trip Report – October 2016, Day 2 Fall Dapper Day

We were up bright and early preparing for the day ahead before making our way down to breakfast and meeting some more friends. Scott, Kate and Jessica were joining us for my first Dapper day. Breakfast was filling and enjoyable, just what I needed to start the day. The weather forecast was looking good too, a huge contrast from the day before. I had visions of us looking like drowned rats in our lovely dresses. I was dapper bounding as Minnie Mouse, it was only natural as I was there with the majority of the Disneybound UK admin team who were also Disneybounding on Dapper day.

When all 11 of us arrived at the Park, extra magic hours was almost over but we managed to get a meet in with Goofy and Pluto before then. We hadn’t planned on meeting many characters on Dapper day because we had scheduled meet ups to attend. I didn’t really know what to expect but I decided to just go with the flow. The first meet up that we attended was located in Adventure Isle. Unfortunately it all seemed a little chaotic due to the size of the group and how busy the park was getting, however we had time to admire everyone’s outfits and gather for various sets of photos before swiftly moving off.

Not really knowing what to do to pass the time between the next meet-up, we wandered around and stumbled upon Maleficent, her queue wasn’t too long so we decided to wait. I was in and out of that photo like a flash, I didn’t want to out-stay my welcome in case she put a spell on me. She already looked like she had a mood on and I didn’t want to make it any worse.Also in-between Dapper day meets we watched the Villains show ‘It’s good to be bad’ to try to work out a plan of action to get Jess a photo with Dr. Facilier as she was dapper bounding as him. We managed it on our second attempt and she had such an amazing character interaction with him. Now we had an idea of how best to meet the characters during the show we were going to head there the next day and try and meet more villains. I have never known something so stressful though, it was basically a scrum and you were lucky if the characters picked you.We stopped to refuel on Hakuna Fries for lunch before our joint Disneybound UK and Disneybound France meet that was scheduled to take part at Phantom Manor. Unfortunately we had to scrap that plan when we saw that the queue was backed up right to the gates and the surrounding area was bustling. I don’t think I’d ever seen it like that before. We had to try to make the most of it and just grab a corner where we could take more photos.

Most of the Disneybound UK admin team

By now I was starting to wonder if Dapper day was really worth it. The park was over-crowded and it all seemed a little unorganised despite the release of the meet times prior to the event. There was a lot of standing about waiting for nothing in particular but I loved the fact that we could dress up and go all out for the day. I had always wanted to wear a 50’s style dress and this was the perfect occasion. We all felt fabulous and important as strangers stopped us for photos.

My favourite meet of all was at the carousel in Fantasy Land. There was enough Dapper day attendees to do two rotations. Everyone was very excited and it was more atmospheric. We all gave a big cheer at the end of the ride and then went off to ride the teacups which was a little difficult in such a big puffy dress. The weather had shaped up to be glorious, something I hadn’t expected in the middle of October.Hopefully one day Dapper day in Disneyland Paris will become nearly as big as california and WDW with an Expo or evening meet/party. It seems to be growing all the time so we will see what future years will bring. All in all I had a lovely day and I’m currently looking forward to Spring Dapper Day.