My Pin Collection So Far

I only started to collect pins in September 2015 during my first visit to Walt Disney World. It never appealed to me before as I knew once I started I collecting them I wouldn’t be able to stop. But I’d always loved the way they looked and I knew I would eventually give in to temptation.

I normally just pick up the ones that I like the look of, I don’t normally collect a set unless I like the look of all of them. The ones that are exclusive to the parks hold more meaning to me like the attractions and hotel pins. However most of the pins that I have bought so far hold a certain meaning to me which I will explain to you now.

So the pins shown above are the first lot of pins that I bought from WDW. The cats set is the only set I have, I adore cats so I loved it as soon as I saw it. I bought the Simba one at Animal Kingdom because proceeds went towards their conservation program which I thought was such a great idea for raising funds. I didn’t mind paying that little bit extra.

It just made sense that I bought the ‘my first visit to Walt Disney World’ pin. The Mickey Mouse pin just reminded me of Florida with the palm trees on his sun glasses.

The next lot of pins above are ones that I purchased from Disneyland Paris. Some of the more random pins I got at a reduced price so don’t like to pass them up when they are so cheap. But the rest generally remind me of events and rides I love. 

I am just starting to collect the hotel pins, I still need to get the Sequoia Lodge and hotel Cheyenne pins as I’ve stayed in them too. Although I haven’t stayed in the Disneyland hotel yet I have the pin because I spend quite a bit of time in there, plus it was a gift from a cast member so it also reminds me of their kindness. I bought the Mary Poppins pin to wear the time that I Disneybounded as her so that holds good memories too.

I tend to buy at least one pin every trip, sometimes more. When I first started collecting them, I didn’t know much about them. I certainly would have bought more pins that were exclusive to WDW if I had the choice again. Hopefully next year with all being well.

I don’t have anywhere particular to keep them all at the moment and I’m reluctant to take them out of their packaging unless I need to wear them for Disneybounding. I just want to keep them nice. I will eventually find them a permanant home as at the moment they are living in a small carrier bag.

At the moment I’m not interested in pin trading because the pins that I buy I like and wouldn’t want to part with them. I wouldn’t rule pin trading out in the future though. I just need a more established collection before I even consider it.