Disney South West Meet-Up, February 2017

Why stop at Disney meet-ups in London when I can go else-where to meet my favourite kind of people. When I first heard about the Disney South West meet-up I questioned whether it was doable. When I looked up the train journey online and realised Southampton was just an hour and a half away from London Waterloo I agreed to go. I had never been before so the prospect of travelling somewhere new had me excited and a little nervous.

Luckily I already knew the organiser Brian and a few others that were going to be in attendance otherwise I would have felt more nervous than I already was. I think the nerves were mainly down to not knowing what to expect when I got off the train in Southampton, I was worried that I was going to get lost. There was no chance of that though. Thanks to the group chat on twitter I was successfully directed to my destination which was just a 5 to 10 minute walk from the station.

Now feeling a lot more confident I made my way inside the Marlands shopping centre where I was to meet everyone outside the Disney Store. I was relieved when I saw Brian with a couple of other people, one of which was Sarah who I felt I already knew from watching her YouTube videos despite having never met her before. It was good to get to know them before the next lot arrived.

When most people were with us we went into the Disney Store. Again I managed to resist buying anything but it was nice to look. When we had everyone gathered I took the oportunity to take some photos, and with Deandre helping me out with his super selfie arms again we managed to get a group photo before moving on to Starbucks for a drink and a chat. 

The atmosphere was very relaxed and it was nice to be able to take our time. Being in a small group it didn’t feel like I was going to run out of time to talk to everyone. We went to get some food at Five Guys which meant I could have my favourite cherry Fanta again. We managed to create one long table at the back and we sat there for a while chatting about DLP. It was shaping up to be a good day, the sun was out so we went for a walk along the town centre where we stopped in Primark to investigate what Disney items they had. I bought a mermaid tail throw (which is now one of my favourite things to laze about in) while others bought a few Disney bits.

As if we hadn’t eaten enough already, we decided to get desert at Sprinkles gelato where I got two scoops of ice-cream, one Toblerone and the other Jammy dodger. They had loads of different flavours. Brian went for a rather impressive freak shake type thing and Deandre had waffles. Everyone else was sensible and had something small, the two scoops was definitely enough for me. Kelly who had been out shopping had realised after checking twitter that there was a meet-up going on and decided to join us for a while bumping our group numbers up to 15.

A little while later Sean and Hollie (ducknmouse) joined us. By this time we were feeling sick from eating too much ice-cream and it was starting to get dark so they suggested that we walk down to the castle where scenes of Southampton through the ages are projected onto the back wall by The Esplanade. It was really well done and seemed to pull in the crowds.

(The middle group photo in Sprinkles is courtesy of Deandre)

Feeling a little worn out from the days events we decided to find somewhere to settle before it was time to go home. We took over EBB and Flow with a large table right in the middle and ordered some drinks and snacks. The group numbers dwindled as everyone gradually started to leave. Helen then escourted myself, Deandre, Sophie and Gabi to the train station before heading to her car. Overall it was an amazing day that I was so pleased I could make. With one direct train from London it’s really easy to get to so I would recommend it to anyone thinking of attending a future meet-up there.

Thank you again to Brian for organising it and making it possible for some of us to connect with others who live further away and find it difficult to attend the London based meet-ups.

Shout outs go to those who I haven’t mentioned above (go and follow them on twitter), it was so nice to meet you all. RubyMattDianneHoodsieClare    and Jonathan.


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