DLP Trip Report – August 2016, Day 2

Our alarm went off bright and early and although there was some reluctance getting up we were all very excited about the day ahead. We got ready and went down for breakfast which consisted of continental and hot breakfast. However I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t make myself some toast to go with my scrambled egg so I had a croissant with it instead (weird combination I know) and washed it down with a tropical juice. When we were satisfied that we had eaten enough, we went back upstairs to collect our suitcases (we were only staying one night this time) and made our way to the parks in our Disneybound attire to meet Jess who was joining us for the day.

As we were going to be attending the Wonderland Brunch at Inventions we were dressed appropriately with Leanne as the Mad Hatter, Jess as Alice, Louise as the Queen of Hearts and myself as a Tweedle. To pass some time before the the brunch we went looking for some characters to meet. We started off with rope drop at Frontier land to meet Tiana and Naveen then went on Phantom Manor. We ended up finding Jafar and Genie then discovered Aladdin near by.

Our slot at Inventions was booked for 1:15pm and we got there within plenty of time to meet up with Jess’s friend Jasmine to make it a party of 5. Once we were seated and ordered our beverages we went to get our food, a hot and cold buffet with a mixture of meat and vegetarian dishes. We grabbed our Mickey Mouse shaped plates like the big kids that we are and eyed up the deserts before loading up with savouries.

It wasn’t long after we started eating when the first characters came over to our table. The Mad Hatter and the March Hare posed for as many photos as we could get before moving on. One by one the other characters followed suit including Minnie and Mickey in their gorgeous glitzy outfits. All these meets were pleasant but all hell broke loose when Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum spotted my Disneybound. I had both of them fight over me. I was squashed between them when they hugged me and nearly fell over when they got a bit too excited. One of them dragged me off to a side cupboard while the other one cried. It was complete chaos at our table with the Cheshire Cat coming back to join in the mischief. I think it’s safe to say that it was the best character interaction that I have had so far and it will take a lot to top it. The service was great and the character attendants were lovely and chatty towards us.

We left inventions with smiles on our faces and ready to carry on our adventure. For comfort I decided to change back out of my Disneybound outfit, normally I would stay in it for the whole day but it was getting hotter so cooler clothes were needed. We found Jessie before saying good-bye to Jess, catching the parade from a distance and treating ourselves to ice cream at Gibson Girl. Before leaving the park to go home a spot of shopping was in order and I had already my eye on a couple of things. I bought a Cogsworth and Lumiere which I had wanted for ages but were always sold out at DLP. Well they must have stocked up finally because I had seen them in a few different shops.

It was then time to face the long journey home but ten times happier than when we first arrived. All in all it was a fun and successful trip and I can’t wait for the next one.


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