Disneybound UK Picnic

A few months ago I joined Disneybound UK as a member of their admin team which was put together by my friend Jess when she felt that the UK needed their own community for Disneybound fans. She was heavily inspired by the Canada based queen of Disneybound herself, Leslie Kay. Leslie originally invented Disneybounding a couple of years ago when she started to create outfits based on her favourite Disney characters, that’s when her blog DisneyBound was born and it wasn’t long before word spread.

On Sunday the 14th of August we held our first Disneybound UK event in the form of a picnic in Hyde Park. It was a hot, sunny day and we didn’t know what to expect when we went to meet people at Marble Arch tube station (we had visions of people turning up in full costume). We were relieved when a lovely bunch of Disneybounders turned up. Once we had made ourselves comfortable and started eating, Leslie and her crew turned up. She had kindly incorporated our picnic into her European trip and had arrived in London the day before for a spot of sight seeing and shopping. She proved to be a big hit at the picnic with everyone getting the chance to talk to her.

Everyone’s bounds were put together really well which made choosing the best 3 quite difficult but we did it and Leslie agreed to help give out the prizes. All in all the picnic was a huge success with over 25 people in attendance (not including admin). Some even registered there interest in future events which we are already planning. We would like to thank everyone who came and made it what it was.

The admin team above following a Disney’s leading men theme and a group photo of all the attendees
Leslie and her John Darling bound
Our prize winners Moana, Hercules and Bing Bong
The rest of our Disneybounders and individual admin photos


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