DLP Trip Report, June 2016 Day 3

I could tell that the exhaustion was starting to kick in after dragging myself out of bed. We were a little later to breakfast but we weren’t too bothered by this. My Disneybound for the day was Jafar. I had to at least bound one villain on this trip, and one that I knew I could hopefully meet too. Jess decided to bound as the Queen of Hearts with some awesome custom-made ears. Leanne was Donald duck and Louise was Wall-E. Our first meet during extra magic hours was good old Donald, one for Leanne. I have a special place in my heart for all the classic original characters. Disneyland wouldn’t be Disneyland without them.

It was turning out to be a really hot day so I was grateful I’d dropped off a bag full of essentials at left luggage just before entering the park. Luckily I was prepared for a bit of sun despite initially thinking that the whole trip would be a complete washout with Paris experiencing floods previously. Once I had everything I needed we headed over to Fantasy Land and met the White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts and Alice specifically for Jess and her bound. We then queued for Jafar who was a true gentleman and gave me a kiss on the hand.

We went for a quick pit stop at Cafe de la Brousse to sample the new addition to their menu. The falafel sandwich is proving very popular and sells out quite quickly. It wasn’t too bad, very different to the falafel I normally have but I thought it could have done with a little more dressing to prevent it from being so dry.

The Frozen sing-along was next on our agenda, something that we had been looking forward to. Unfortunately we were near the back of the queue so failed to secure a central seat inside which was bad news for myself not knowing all the words to the songs as the English lyrics appeared on the middle screen and was obscured by a big post. Afterwards, Jess and I went to see if the pineapple whip stall was open in Frontierland just beside the Aladdin meets; and much to our excitement it was. We had kept missing it because the opening and closing times hadn’t been consistent. After having a Dole Whip in WDW Florida last year I was able to compare the two. The ice-cream is definitely not as nice as the dairy-free Dole ice-cream and from what I could make out, the pineapple juice wasn’t as sweet (but that could have just been my taste buds). Overall it was nice but I don’t think I would go out of my way to buy one in the future.

After going on a few rides we decided to escape the heat in Cafe Fantasia at the Disneyland hotel. The girls had some alcoholic beverages but being a non drinker I chose a mocktail from the children’s drinks menu. We all got a light up Tinkerbell for our glasses because they looked so pretty.

We then caught the parade and went on some more rides. The days trip would not have been complete without visiting Discoveryland for Louise’s Disneybound photo with Wall-E and Eve. While we were in the area we stopped for dinner at Cafe Hyperion where they do a good veggie burger. I will definitely be returning here on future trips. Again, we headed back to the Princess Pavillion before it closed and this time we met the lovely Snow White.

A fabulous day was topped off with a spot of shopping and watching Dreams which always manages to make me a little emotional and gives me goosebumps, especially the tangled scene with ‘I see the Light’ playing.





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